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Browning M1919A4 Display Replica Semper Fidelis Guns of Liberty Marine 1




Model 1918
Mounted Cartridge Belt


Ammo Set

WorldWar I-World War II
Issued Equipment

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This 1918 cartridge belt is in great shape considering it's 94 years old and appears unissued to me.
All the Lift the Dots work perfectly, one has begun to seperate (see Pic) but is still solidly in place and the canvas is very firm with no other wear or tear that I can find. The pictures tell the story, as you can see it looks great, belts in this condition are getting harder to find. The manufacturer's name and date, "LONG 8-18" are stamped on all parts of the belt. The Colt 1911 magazine holder is manufactured by "P.B. & Co." and is dated 7-1918, is also in great condition, appears unissued, with just a touch of soiling on the inside flap. From the lack of wear I would venture to guess that this 1918 mounted cartridge belt is New-Old-Stock and never saw duty.

RARE U.S. Military World War One Era Issued Item

Marking the end of the cavalry era, this type belt was among the last of the equipment developed for and fielded by the U.S. Cavalry. It is my understanding that these belts were also issued during WWII especially to U.S. paratroopers who carried a Colt 1911 pistol. This belt and ammo set have been assemble to represent that era. The seventy two .30-06 inert rounds included in this set are headstamped "SL 43" from the St.Louis Arsenal dated 1943.

Here's What You Get

1. Model 1918 Cavalry Cartridge Belt "LONG 8-18"

2. M-1918 Colt 1911 Magazine Pouch "P.B. & Co."

3. Nine Enbloc M1 Clips

4. Seventy Two "SL 43 (.30-06) Inert

5. Two 1911 Magazines

6. Fourteen .45 ACP Inert